The Age Old Question


“Ah the age old question: how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop?”

Heart Palpitations


“Careful dear, the espresso is particularly strong this morning. I had one sip and now it feels like my heart is beating out of my chest!”

Debating Membership


“No, old Mr. Higgins absolutely cannot join our hat club. Look at him over there – he’s wearing a Stockman hat, a Stockman hat I tell you!”

Birthday Party


“Kids’ birthday parties are getting way out of hand these days – is that one young boy wearing a wig?!”

Define Fun


“The fun has arrived! And by fun I mean me and my biology textbooks for a study session!”

Adventures in Babysitting


“Your parents probably wouldn’t like you standing at the edge of this cliff – why don’t you come back to the house and I’ll let you watch unlimited TV?”

Help Yourself


“How considerate of the humans to leave the knife out for us, all the better for us to help ourselves”

Enjoying The Beach


“Are you nearly done your painting Maryanne? There’s no Wi-Fi here and I’ve already taken photos of anything that’s Instagram worthy”