Your Eyes Are Glowing


“Timmy, I gotta say you’re looking a little demonic right now. Everything ok?”

Kangaroo Moms Are The Worst


“No Eliza you cannot ride in my pouch to school. You’ll jump there like all the other kangaroos”

Cupid Processional


“Make way, make way everyone! We got a bride and groom coming through! I’ll sereneade them with my recorder jams”

Uncool Transportation


“Riding an ox is like driving a minivan – father, can’t we get a cooler animal? All my friends make fun of me”

Palm Reading


“In your future I see a pretty dresses, feathered hats, and a man with a very large moustache”

Sail Away


“And the most important thing to keep in mind while out on the open ocean is to work like a captain but party like a pirate”