“Ok everyone, step one of the Macarena is to bring your right arm up like so. Be sure to point your fingertips to get proper form.”

Happy Little Tree

Library book frontispiece of man painting in canvas and woman watching

“Hans, why don’t you add a happy little tree there? You’re doing very well for your first class, very well indeed”

The Next TLC Show

Library book frontispiece of boy holding cane and top hat

“And next on TLC – the story of a nine year old boy with left hand that’s a top hat and a right hand that’s a cane”

Gossiping Photgrapher

Library book frontispiece of Gossiping Photographer on the Rhine

“Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story – The Gossiping Photographer on the Rhine”

Imaginary Friends

Frontispiece book image of boy reading and imaginary creatures looking on

“Giraffe stork and dog seal do you mind? I’m going to stop story time  if you keep reading over my shoulder.”

Duchenne Smile

Frontispiece book image of Duchenne and old man smiling

“Are you tired of avoiding having your photograph taken? You too can become a master of smizing with my patented electrode therapy! Call now for this limited time offer!”