Sport Sunday: Skiing


“Is wearing a skirt practical while skiing? No. is it fashionable? Yes, especially with this classic ’80s purple and green colour combination”

Choose Your Own Adventure


“I feel like I’m one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books – now should I contuinue through the dark forest or head towards the woman on the stairs?”

Run For Your Life


“AHHHHHH! Remind me again why I voluntarily paid money to enter this haunted house and get the living daylights scared out of me!”

Full House


“People say I’m a recluse and don’t have any friends but the way I see it I have lots of friends, feathered and furred”

Sport Sunday: Archery


“I know the green apron isn’t exactly athletic apparel but I have to go straight to my shift at Starbucks after this”

A Duel to the Death


“I’ve brought a donkey and broom – pretty sure this sword is made of wood too. Maybe I didn’t do the best job packing for the duel…”

Mad Tea Party Ride


“Beatrice, stop spinning the teacup so fast! I think I’m going to be sick!”