Trunk Thoughts


“It’s not the size of the trunk that matters, it’s how you use it”


The Roof is on Fire


“Well that’s just our luck, we have a fire extinguisher and hose but no thumbs to be able to use them”

Pet the Pet


“What kind of animal is this, does anyone know? I think it might be a dog? Is it safe to pet?”

Bell of the Ball


“You know what this ball won’t need? More cowbell”

Full House


“People say I’m a recluse and don’t have any friends but the way I see it I have lots of friends, feathered and furred”

Two Chairs


“Can you show us something a little more… neutral? These are nice chairs and all but I don’t think they will go with our decor. To be frank I don’t think they go with any decor”

Taking Care of Those Pearly Whites


“Had some dental work done earlier today – Novocaine still hasn’t worn off”

Dinner for the Dogs


“Mr. Whiskers you haven’t been excused from the table yet. Now sit up like a good kitty and eat your Purina”

Animal Identification

Frontispiece book image of bears or dogs or wolves

“For the last time, I don’t care what your cousin Rupert told you – do we look like bears? We are not bears and that’s the end of it”