Drummer Boy


“Yes this drum is nearly as big as I am”



“Oh I’ll get you back for this! Just wait till I get my hands on my Super Soaker!”

Run Timmy Run


“See Timmy, I told you not to feed the birds – I would start running if I were you”

Adventures in Babysitting


“Your parents probably wouldn’t like you standing at the edge of this cliff – why don’t you come back to the house and I’ll let you watch unlimited TV?”

Summer Chores


“At your service ma’am! Lawn mowing, fence painting, weed pulling, I do it all in the name of buying myself a PlayStation 4 and bragging to my friends!”



“I’ll just take one little slice for myself now, no one will even know the difference at Christmas dinner”

The Next TLC Show

Library book frontispiece of boy holding cane and top hat

“And next on TLC – the story of a nine year old boy with left hand that’s a top hat and a right hand that’s a cane”