The Cherub


“Every time you play the harp, and angel comes to irritate you while you are playing the harp”


A Foxy Cupid


“This way dear, away from the small child in a fox costume”

Cupid Processional


“Make way, make way everyone! We got a bride and groom coming through! I’ll sereneade them with my recorder jams”

Job Well Done


“Thank you cherubs for acknowledging my accomplishment of getting out of bed today. I’m wearing the bedspread but I’m out of bed, so still counts right?”

The Float is Decent


“Ok cherubs # 1 and 2 you will sit here on the float and throw candy at the crowd – cherub # 3, flit around the sides and throw more candy”

Home Improvement


“Well done cherub, this is a fine start to the treehouse. Next I would like a ladder put right in the front there.”

All Fun and Games

Frontispiece book image of cherub and allegory

“Damnit Ethan put down the magnifying glass! You’re going to burn my eyes out!”