Halloween Skeleton


“Chill out Miguel, it’s just a costume”

Bowties Aside


“Well one of us is going to have to go back upstairs and change”

The Closest Shave


“My father the barber is out sick, but not to worry I’ve been his apprentice for three years now – been doing this since I was four!”

Inspirational Speech


“I would give an inspirational speech as the army charges forward for battle, but looks like it’s just me”

Shoo Fly


“Quit taunting us fly – we will worm our way up and one day we too will be able to look through the microscope”

Home Improvement


“Well done cherub, this is a fine start to the treehouse. Next I would like a ladder put right in the front there.”

Get Some Sunlight


“Harold you can’t just stay in this cave all winter pretending to hibernate. Now put on your long johns, let’s go.”

Police Lineup


“Yes I’m sure Officer. Man # 4 in the lineup is the person who stole my best hat.”