Tassely Thingy


“The top bit pops off and doubles as a shave brush, which helps to keep this moustache in tip top shape”

Visiting Royals


“Was that the doorbell? Company is here and I’m not ready yet!”

Sweet Hat Too

Frontispiece book image of man with full beard wearing a feathered cap

“A late entrant! I’m sorry sir, we have already presented the moustache awards – however you are certainly a contender for best beard”

Moustache Man

Frontispiece book image of man with curly hair and moustache

“We present to you sir the trophy for most magnificent moustache – it truly is a marvel to behold”

My Favourite Things

Frontispiece portrait of man and assorted items

“Piccolos and spectacles and the time 3:25. Sweet moustaches and sheet music and just generally being alive. Half eaten cheese wheels tied up with string. These are a few of my favourite things.”