Awkward Portrait


“I don’t know what to do with my hands! Does this look awkward?”


A Caricature


“What do you guys think? Did I get his huge bulbous nose right?”

Portrait Poses


“Not sure what to do with my hand for this portrait – shall I just rest it awkwardly on the table?”

Too Lifelike


“It’s a lovely portrait Edward but perhaps you could make it a bit less realistic? I feel you want to earn the commission you might consider flattering your subject a bit?”

Levitating Crown


“Omg I have no idea what my portraitist was thinking – I have a lot of powers as King but pretty sure levitating my crown is not one of them”

Dignified Portrait


“This portrait is only going to be from the waist up right?”

Sweet Hat Too

Frontispiece book image of man with full beard wearing a feathered cap

“A late entrant! I’m sorry sir, we have already presented the moustache awards – however you are certainly a contender for best beard”

My Favourite Things

Frontispiece portrait of man and assorted items

“Piccolos and spectacles and the time 3:25. Sweet moustaches and sheet music and just generally being alive. Half eaten cheese wheels tied up with string. These are a few of my favourite things.”